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Pricing Break Down

Message Blast Plans

There are three message blast plans to choose from. Select your preferred plan and click Sign Up to continue.

200 Message
500 Message


What is a message blast?

A message blast represents a single voice message which is blasted/sent to one selected number from your phone book.

Can I add more message blasts?

Yes, you may add message blasts to your account on an as-needed basis. Login to your account and go to the My Account tab to add more message blasts.

How long are message blasts valid?

Your message blast plan is valid until you run out of message blasts. To add more message blasts login to your account and go to the My Account tab.

What happens to the message blasts I don’t use?

They will remain in your account for future use and may be used at any time.

The minimum set price is $10.00 and there is no maximum requirement. Your credit card is charged automatically when adding message blasts to your account. For any blast cancelations your account is credited back within 48 hours.