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10,000 Recipients per Message Blast

The SimpleBlast system allows for a single message to be sent or blasted to up to 10,000 recipients at one time.

Book Storage and Management

Each SimpleBlast account stores an unlimited number of recipients and phone books. To create and manage your phone books, login to your account and go to the Phone Books page.

Importing of Contacts

If you have lists of recipients located in various programs you may export and import those lists into your SimpleBlast account. To do so, login to your account, go to Phone Books page and then click Import CSV. On the next page, follow steps 1-3 to import your list (s).

Resending Previously Sent Message Blasts

SimpleBlast allows you to resend a message that you have sent before. To resend a message, login to your account and go to the Send Blast tab. On that page, select the message you would like to resend from the drop down menu of Step 1.

Playback of Sent Message Blasts

There are two ways to playback or replay your sent messages; 1) you may play them back from the Send Blast page of your account and 2) you may play them back from the Blast History page of your account.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Recurring Message Blasts

This feature allows you to send daily, weekly and monthly recurring messages. When you schedule a recurring message, the SimpleBlast system will keep sending them out until you stop the reoccurrence. To send your recurring messages go to the Send Blast tab of your account and schedule your recurring message in Step 3.

Blast Detail Reports Emailed after each Call

Our system will email you a detail report when you send out your message blasts. For more details please refer to the Blast History page of your account.