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Schedule or Send Blast Now:

To send now or schedule a message blast, login to your account and go to the Send Blast tab. Input your telephone number and title of your blast, select for the blast to be sent now or schedule for a later time and click on Next.

The next page will confirm your blast information and prompt you to add contacts to whom the blast will be sent.

When you are ready to send your blast, click on the Send button. After this point, a prompt will ask you to confirm. Click continue to record the message for your blast.

The SimpleBlast system will dial your number. Answer the phone call and press the * key to record your message. When finished recording press the # key to confirm the sending of your blast. To send your message blast press 2.

Touch tone commands are listed below:

Asterisk Press * to save and record your outgoing message.
Pound sign image Press # when finished recording your outgoing message.
Number 1 image Press 1 to review your recorded message.
Number 2 image Press 2 to confirm sending your message.
Number 3 image Press 3 to delete and re-record your message.
Number 7 image Press 7 to cancel.
Number 0 image Press 0 to hear these options again.

All scheduled blasts will be sent at their assigned date and time. Go to the Blast History tab to view the status of your blasts.