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User Guide


Step 1 Login to your Account

Login to your account with your email address and password.

Step 2 Create Phone Books

To create and add contacts to your phone books, click on the Phone Book tab in your account and select New Phone Book. Type in the title for your phone book and click Create. You will then be prompted to enter contacts into your phone book. Simply fill out the fields with name, telephone number, email address and click add. Refer to step 2 for importing contacts.

Step 3 Import Contacts

To import contacts select the Import CSV button from the Phone Books tab in your account. On the next page follow the steps to complete the importing of your contacts. Import/Export Instructions

Step 4 Schedule or Send Message Blast

To send now or schedule a message blast, go to the Send Blast tab in your account. Enter the telephone number in Step 1 from which your message blast will be recorded and sent to your selected contacts. Title the message blast for future reference in Step 2. To send the message blast immediately select NO in Step 3 and click on the Next button. 

Schedule Message Blast:

To schedule a message blast for a later date and time select YES in step 3, fill out the required fields and click on the Next button. The next page will ask you to confirm your information and prompt you to add recipients to whom the message blast will be sent. To record your message blast, hit the Send button. Next, you will be prompted to confirm the recording and sending of your outgoing message. Click continue and the SimpleBlast system will call your telephone number to record and send your message blast. Non-scheduled message blasts are sent immediately and all scheduled message blasts are sent at their assigned date and time.

Step 5  Email with Message Blast

To send an email along with the message blast, select Yes in step 4 when setting up your blast. Fill out the required fields and click next. Your selected contacts will receive both a message blast via telephone as well as an email.

Step 6 Check Message Blast Status

To view the status of your previous and scheduled message blasts go to the Blast History tab. To view the details of each message blast, click on the blast title.