SimpleBlast is an easy-to-use voice messaging service which allows you to blast a recorded message to your selected calling list. This service is great for notifications to appointments, sending out quick reminders, cancelations of events or special announcements. SimpleBlast eliminates the time it takes to notify your contact group with one simple phone call!

Features Include

  • 5 cents per Message Blast
  • Complete Contact Groups
  • Simple Phone Commands
  • Blast History with Details
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Importing Contacts
  • Email with Message Blast
  • Playback of Message Blasts
  • Re-Sending of Message Blasts
  • Emailed Message Blast Detail Reports
  • 10,000 Recipients per Message Blast
  • Recurring Message Blasts

This service is similar to an email blaster except that you use it with your normal telephone and computer. Simply upload your list of specific telephone numbers and press Send to record an outgoing message. The system blast delivers the message to all your numbers as quickly as possible. It’s the quick and personal way to reach your contact group.

To use SimpleBlast, you will need to for an account. Any phone and regular computer is required to get started. Once you have created an account, you may begin using the service immediately by adding contacts to your contact groups, sending your blast now or scheduling one for a later time and viewing the status on the Blast History page in your account.