SimpleBlast is an outgoing message service which lets you blast a pre-recorded message(s) to your selected calling list(s).

SimpleBlast is a great way to notify, confirm and make announcements about meetings, appointments and upcoming events. Instead of calling your contact list one by one, SimpleBlast allows you to send out that notice via telephone to your selected contacts all at the same time.

It works like a voicemail system allowing you to record and blast your messages using your telephone and PC.

 for a SimpleBlast account on the home page. Fill out the registration form and you will be provided with an account which you may begin using immediately.

SimpleBlast works on a Message Blast Plan system allowing you to buy a desired message blast amount: 200 message blasts for $10.00, 500 message blasts for $25.00 and so on.

Please Note: The SimpleBlast system allows you to blast up to 10,000 phone numbers at one time.

One message blast represents a single message that is blasted to one phone number. 100 message blasts equals 1 message blasted to 100 numbers and so on.

You may blast messages until you run out of message blasts in your account. When you run out of message blasts simply login to your account and add them from there.

Each message blast can be up to 2 (120 seconds) minutes long.

Login to your account, you will need your email and password. Once in your account go to the Send Blast page and follow the steps on that page. You will need your telephone to send out the blast.

After a blast has been sent out, you may view the status online from your account under the History tab.

If you cancel a blast our system will automatically credit your account.

If you experience any problems during setup, our system will automatically credit your account within 10 minutes.

You can store an unlimited number of phone numbers in your contact group. However, you can blast a message to up to 10,000 numbers at one time.

Send an email to from the email address you used to sign up with, asking for the account to be canceled.

A message blast represents a single voice message which is blasted/sent to one selected number from your contact group.

Yes, you may add message blasts to your account on an as-needed basis. Login to your account and go to the Buy Blasts page to add more message blasts.

Your message blast plan is valid until you run out of message blasts. To add more message blasts login to your account and go to the Buy Blasts page.

They will remain in your account for future use and may be used at any time.

Yes, you may replay all sent message blast from your History page in your account.

Yes, you may resend any previously sent message blasts. Login to your account and go to the Send Blast page. In step 1, select Previous Blast from the drop down menu and choose the message you would like to resend.

Yes, you may send daily, weekly or monthly message blasts. Login to your account and go to the Send Blast page to schedule your recurring messages.

For all recurring messages our system will automatically re-charge your credit card for the required amount. This means that, each time your balance falls below a $2.00 threshold, your credit card will automatically be charged at increments of $10.00. This option will ensure that your prepaid account will always have funds and that you will be able to send messages at all times.

Once the playback of your message blast is complete, the message blast receiver has the following two options; 1) they can press the key to hear the message again or 2) they can press 5 to block all future messages.

If the message blast receiver does not pick up the phone, our system will leave that message on their voicemail.